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  • Frozen pipe dilemmas

    Chances are that you are not thinking about what you will do in the winter if your pipes freeze. However, having a plan for dealing with frozen pipes before they are a problem is simply smart. Even when you have taken all the steps possible to prevent your home’s plumbing pipes from freezing, the situation […]

  • Outside Water Line Protection

    You may think it is too warm to consider your outside plumbing lines. After all, it is summer time. However, protecting your outside water lines from freezing in winter is an important step in winter preparations. While the inside of your home may have protection with a heating system and insulation, exterior plumbing does not. […]

  • Bathroom Remodeling: Walkout bathtubs

    While showers can be easily converted to allow for use by older or impaired individuals, a long soak in a warm bath may still be a desired option. Walkout tubs are available in several different designs and sizes to meet homeowner’s individual needs. In addition to full size tub installation, smaller square tubs are available […]

  • Winter Furnace Care

    Having your furnace break down in the middle of winter is never a good situation. Keeping your furnace well maintained will ensure that you have the heat you need and that the furnace runs as efficiently as possible. Yearly inspections and cleaning of your furnace is a fairly simple and inexpensive step to take. When you […]

  • Ice dam dangers

    Normal amounts of snow that builds up on roofs should not cause a problem for most homeowners. Unfortunately, large amounts of snow may cause excessive weight problems. Ice dams can also build up and cause severe damage to roofs and the underlying structure. You may not even notice the damage until the evidence of leaking […]


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