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Pinhole Leaks Repair

Leaks in the pipes are often pictured as a pipe cracking or completely rupturing, causing a big leak as a result. That does happen, but more trivial and treacherous leaks are slow, releasing water one drop at a time, and you hardly notice any change in your water supply. Such leaks are called pinhole leaks.

A pinhole leak is the result of what is called “pitting corrosion”, that exclusively affects copper pipes. They are usually resistant to all other types of corrosion except this one. Pinhole leaks are tiny, only releasing the occasional drip of water. If left untreated, this small drip causes enough damage to destroy the whole plumbing system eventually. The causes of this corrosion are still unclear, but one thing is for sure – regular check-ups of your plumbing system can prevent these annoying pinhole leaks from occurring. Another preventative means would be having your plumbing system examined by a professional plumbing company such as Norwalk Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.

Pinhole leaks may seem innocent, not causing significant harm to your water supply at first sight. When examined closer, they are discovered to introduce moisture into such household areas that were not meant to get wet. One of such areas is the insulation in your walls where the pinhole leak slowly drips, increasing mold growth that might negatively affect your health. They can also cause wood to rot, and supports to weaken. Like a water dripping on a stone will ruin it over a long period of time, the pinhole leaks will destroy your plumbing system slowly but surely lest the proper measures are taken.

Pinhole leaks are pretty difficult to detect with the naked eye. That’s why it is extremely important to schedule an appointment with a plumber to conduct regular inspections in order to find and seal any pinhole leaks before they do more serious damage to the adjacent areas. Professional plumbers from Norwalk Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning have the needed tools and experience to deal with the pinhole leaks immediately and cost-effectively.

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