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Santa Fe Springs Copper Repiping

Santa Fe Springs Copper Repiping

If you turn on your shower and have brown or rust colored water, you will need to contact a plumber immediately. Left undiagnosed, rusty water can cause permanent stains on your porcelain tub and your tile. In some cases, this may be due to a simple problem resulting from a small piece of deteriorated pipe. However, left untended, it can cause long-term problems in your bathroom and piping.

If you suspect you need Santa Fe Springs repiping specialists, contact Norwalk- La Mirada Plumbing. We will diagnose the problem and advise you if all or part of your copper piping needs to be replaced or simply needs flushing. We can help you avoid more costly repairs that might be needed if this problem is ignored.

For more than 30 years, Norwalk- La Mirada Plumbing has been handling all types of copper repiping problems for both residential and commercial customers.  We are available for full service, for plumbing emergencies and we’ll make sure that we address your problem immediately.

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