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Why You Should Schedule Yearly Commercial Plumbing Inspections

April 30th, 2022

Commercial plumbing inspectionsWhy You Should Schedule Yearly Commercial Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing is one of the most vital systems in any commercial facility. There are enough toilets and pipes to manage, as well as drains, water lines, lawn sprinklers and showers, just to mention the least. Commercial buildings have very complex plumbing systems which need to be constantly maintained. Whether you are dealing with new installations or a plumbing repair to existing structures, a regular commercial plumbing inspection is always required.

Commercial plumbing inspections are also often required by state law. As your plumbing project hits different stages, an inspection is mandatory prior to moving forward to the additional stages, needed for commercial plumbing project completion. This inspection can also prevent hazards to the health and safety of all your employees in case if it is a building complex, restaurant, store, or other commercial location.

However, commercial facilities cannot be treated the same way as residential facilities; they are exposed to more frequent use. Therefore, they are at higher risk of damage, misuse, and the problems that come with these factors. It is vitally important that as a business owner you have access to full service emergency plumbing services.

Why should you plan commercial plumbing inspections every year?

It is a fair question. The following points will make things clear.

Annual commercial plumbing inspection:

  1. Keeps Plumbing Fixtures in Good Condition

Leaks, cracks, and clogs can seriously harm the building’s plumbing fixtures, which puts the productivity of your entire team at risk. The sooner the damage is discovered, the less likely your business will experience a serious plumbing problem in the future.

  1. Extends Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

Even businesses have water heaters integrated into their plumbing, and they do get used every day. Annual maintenance of the water heater allows the plumber to fix minor issues before they pose any significant threat. This will increase the unit lifespan, which is good for your company’s operating budget.

  1. Keeps Leaks Under Control

Not only minor leaks waste gallons of water each year, they threaten the overall safety of your building, causing some serious structural issues if left untreated. Also small water leaks increase the risk of mold growth indoors.

Yearly commercial plumbing inspections will help you stay on top of those leaks, because they will be discovered early. Your commercial plumber will use special equipment to monitor the hidden pipes in the walls to ensure that they’re not damaged. If the plumbers suspect any leaks, they’ll be able to locate and fix them as well, so you won’t have to worry about water damage in your commercial building.

  1. Prevents Sewage Backups

Clogs are a common phenomenon in commercial facilities, but it takes time for them to form. They’re often caused by buildups of soap scum, dirt, grease, and debris.

When the plumber catches those clogs early, they won’t cause significant damage to your commercial plumbing. Regular inspections help to monitor the condition of your pipes both inside and out. They also allow plumbers to flush junk out, so you will never have to deal with sewage backups or slow drains.

  1. Shows if Upgrades Are Necessary

The more your business expands and the more employees you hire, the more your plumbing fixtures will be exploited. Even if another bathroom or sink is not added to the space, the extra employees will still increase the total usage. Unfortunately, your building’s original plumbing system might not be able to handle the pressure.  

Annual inspections will help you monitor the condition of the pipes, if the load they’re under is too much for them. In case of extra pressure on your plumbing system, the commercial plumber can recommend the necessary upgrades to deal with the excessive use of the plumbing fixtures.

  1. Helps You Make Industry Connections

In case of a plumbing emergency, you won’t have time to choose and will be willing to trust just about anyone to fix the damage. But there’s no guarantee that the plumbers you hire will be the best. When you schedule yearly commercial plumbing inspections, most likely you’ll build a strong relationship with your commercial plumbing contractor. Over time they will know your building and its risk factors. As a result, they will be able to manage and prevent unexpected repairs, so your business will be running efficiently.

While you hesitate whether you need to schedule yearly commercial plumbing inspections, a hidden water leak or stubborn clog can catch you by surprise. Stop hesitating and schedule the annual commercial plumbing inspection with Norwalk/La Mirada Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experienced team of commercial plumbers will do everything in their power to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly. Contact us today for further assistance and invest in your commercial plumbing to ensure its proper operation in the future.

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