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Signs of a Damaged Sewer Pipe

June 11th, 2021


In case if sewer pipes at your property are over 25 years old, there is a very high probability of their failing at any moment. It is clear that routine check-ups and maintenance of sewer pipes before their service life is over can save thousands of dollars. Obtrusive tree roots, poor pipe connection, or cracks can totally destroy an old sewer pipe. It would be smart to call a professional plumber to regularly check on your sewer line to avoid experiencing a complete failure.

Damaged sewer pipe

Sinks, tubs, and toilets that are backing up and leaking dirty sewer water onto your floors may be the result of more than just a clogged sewer pipe. The problem could be caused by a cracked drain pipe in your home or backyard – after all, a damaged sewer pipe gives off a number of informative signs. When you know what to search for, you can find your sewer pipe problem and have it repaired asap.

  1. A Smell of Sewer Gas
    These strange smells of sewer gas are often the clearest sign that you could have a cracked drain pipe. There shouldn’t be any odor coming from your drains when your household plumbing is in proper working condition. Check further in case if you get this smell to discover the cause of why toxic sewer gas is seeping into your home.

  2. Slow Drains
    Showers, tubs, and other drains that take longer than usual to empty could be another symptom of a damaged sewer pipe. When the slow drainage is limited to one sink or shower drain, you can probably resolve the issue by cleaning up debris from the drain when you remove the drain cover and pull out any visible hair and other residue. Unfortunately, sewer mainline clogs are much bigger and stubborn clogs that require more complicated unclogging methods. Sometimes the plumber needs to dig into the sewer pipe itself to access the source of the problem.

  3. Mold.
    Several plumbing issues can result in mold growth but the culprit could also be a damaged sewer pipe inside your home’s walls. A crack in the pipe can cause a sufficient amount of water to leak into your home which can result in mold growth over some time. The spores from mold can cause severe allergic reactions, and their ability to penetrate through organic building materials over time can cause damage to your home’s interior, exterior, or foundation. Mold is also harmful to your health, so if you see mold starting to spread on your walls or ceilings, contact a plumber immediately.

  4. Sewage backup and blockages.
    Sewage backups happen occasionally, but if sewage backs up every time you flush the toilet, the main sewer line could be at fault. Proper drainage of all the drains ultimately depends on the main sewer line. If blockages occur in more than one drain, it’s definitely an issue with your main sewer line and likely damaged sewer pipes.

  5. Insect and Rodent Invasion
    If you have noticed an abnormal increase in insect and rodent activity, most likely you have broken sewer pipes. Rodents make their holes in sewers and can squeeze through the tiniest cracks to make their way into your home. The same is true about insects that can wiggle through a cracked drain pipe and rapidly breed in the stagnant water. Both rodents and insects can cause health issues and need to be dealt with immediately along with the damaged sewer pipes.

  6. Green Lawn Area
    Spots in your yard that are green, vibrant, and thriving while everything around them turns brown are definite signs of a failing sewer line. The water and nutrients from the sewer line are excellent fertilizers, but over time toxins from the sewer can build up in the soil and seep to the surface, especially if the soil is disturbed.

So there is a damaged sewer pipe, the signs are evident. What next?

If you’ve experienced any of the mentioned issues with the sewer system of your home and business, you need professional help. At Norwalk Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning we offer expert repairs/replacement of your damaged sewer pipes. Our plumbers will inspect your sewer pipes and determine the location of the break, providing the prognosis of the next steps in repairs or total replacement.


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